SQLiTable2Java Online Tool

The SQLiTable2Java tool generates for a SQLite database table the corresponding Java source code which contains ready-for-use Java-methods for the most common used SQL statements.
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Restrictions: The SQLite data types NULL, NUMERIC and BLOB are not supported by this tool.

How to Generate the Java Source Code

  1. Enter the name of your SQLite table into the first input field.
  2. Open a Shell or DOS prompt window and call sqlite3 <your-DB-file>.
  3. At the sqlite3 prompt execute the command:
    PRAGMA table_info(<your-table-name>);
    and paste the sqlite3 output into the second input field.
  4. Enter into the third input field the Java package name that your generated code will use.
  5. Click on the Submit / Generate Java Code button.
  6. Review the generated code and click on the Download button.


SQLite Table Name = user_table
Output of PRAGMA table_info(user_table);

Missing or Invalid SQLite Table Name.
Missing or Invalid PRAGMA table_info.
Invalid Java Package Name.

Generated Java Code

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