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dkfqa.com is my personal website.
The free tools listed on this page are provided as by-products of development.

Entrepreneur & Computer Systems Engineer

David K. Fischer, Entrepreneur & Computer Systems Engineer

WebSocket Online Tool

A free WebSocket Online Tool for Developers. Test your WebSocket server according to RFC 6455. Supports also HTTP/S Client Authentication.

WebSocket Online Tool

SQLiTable2Java Online Tool

This free tool generates from a SQLite database table the source code of a Java class which contains ready-for-use Java-methods for the most common used SQL statements.

SQLiTable2Java Online Tool


Switch⇄Crypt is a free and high secure file encryption tool that works at directory and file level. Your protected files are automatically encrypted when you step away from your PC. Easy to install and easy use.

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QAHTTPd is a self-developed, powerful and high secure HTTP server. This website on which you are currently surfing is powered by an operative QAHTTPd instance. Click on the Lion Logo below to see the server real-time statistics.

QAHTTPd Lion Logo

QAHTTPd Product Sheet

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