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David K. Fischer  |  Switzeland
Entrepreneur, Computer Systems Engineer

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January 2018
Support for WebSockets has added to the QAHTTPd API server, inclusive sophisticated WebSockets Security Features which protect the server against:
  • Too Large Inbound WebSocket Traffic
  • Too Many Inbound WebSocket Frames
  • Too Large Inbound WebSocket Payload
  • Unwanted Received WebSocket Frames
As further extension, support for at Server-Side Executed Java-Scripts is now added. Such scripts can be called at server side from any text based static or dynamic generated content such as from HTML, CSS, JSON and XML.
December 2017
QAHTTPd - The first, new developed software component is out of the box! It's a powerful and high-secure embedded HTTP API server. QAHTTPd contains new innovative unique features to defend against attacking the API server. This web site on which you are currently surfing is served by an operative QAHTTPd instance. Click here or at the Lion Icon below to see more internal details. Currently, there are no plans to issue commercial licenses. QAHTTPd will be used as a base component for future developments.
November 2017
Plans: The primary future location for developing new software products will be in Southeast Asia. I'm currently evaluating which country in Southeast Asia will have the best conditions for founding a foreigner-ruled startup company. The second location in Switzerland will be retained.
November 2017
I'm now an independent entrepreneur again - back to my preferred position. Many thanks to all of my appreciated customers - over the last 20 years.