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dkfqa.com is my personal website and the manufacturer home page of the free SQLi2JGC online service and of the free Switch⇄Crypt tool.

Entrepreneur & Computer Systems Engineer

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SQLi2JCG (SQLite to Java Code Generator) is a Java code generation tool that generates for a SQLite table the source code of a Java class which contains ready-for-use methods for the most common used SQL statements.

This tool was made to speed up the development processes and to prevent programming bugs when using SQLite. There are also programming examples.

SQLi2JG is available on this website as free online service without any licence restrictions.

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QAHTTPd is a powerful and high-secure embedded HTTP server, developed from scratch in Java 9. This web site on which you are currently surfing is served by an operative QAHTTPd instance. Click at the lion logo below to see the internal server statistics.

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Switch⇄Crypt is a lightweight and secure file encryption tool that works at directory and file level. It was originally developed to encrypt sensitive files on laptop computers when travelling in untrusted countries.

You can use Switch⇄Crypt for free to keep your own data encrypted, or - alternatively - you can use Switch⇄Crypt to exchange encrypted data with another person via untrusted email or via an untrusted storage.

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