QAHTTPd is a powerful and high-secure embedded HTTP server, developed from scratch in Java 9.

QAHTTPd Features

  1. Pluggable connection adapters
  2. Self-tuning worker thread pool
  3. Support for anonymous and authenticated sessions
  4. Weblets (= Servlets)
  5. Server Side Java-Script callable from HTML web sites (pre-processor)
  6. Request Filters
  7. WebSockets
  8. Content compression
  9. Implemented as Java 9 module
  10. Fast, secure and stable

Integrated Security Protection

QAHTTPd is intrinsically safe and can be operated directly in the internet without the need for additional security solutions.

  • Dynamic IP block list
  • Protection against DOS attacks
  • Protection against too many invalid HTTP requests
  • Protection against too large HTTP requests
  • Protection against Zip bombs in compressed HTTP request content
  • Protection against User Agent changes in same session
  • Protection against guessing authentication credentials
  • Protection against guessing session IDs
  • Protection against receiving unwanted WebSocket frames
  • Protection against receiving too large WebSocket payload

Internal Statistics

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